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Otterton Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan is now in its penultimate stage – an examination by an independent assessor, following completion of what is known as the ‘Section 16 Consultation, organised by East Devon District Council (EDDC), in January 2020.  This will run until probably mid-March, undertaken by Jill Kingaby from specialist consultancy Independent Plans and Examinations (IPE).
The examination considers the plan and supporting documents, and all responses received during the Section 16 consultation.  The examination will ensure that our NP has met the basic conditions and legal requirements.  We have now (12 Mar) received an initial written response from the assessor to which we are framing our response.  However, if any significant issues remain during the examination, the assessor will arrange a hearing so that they can be discussed in greater depth, and we may be required to modify our Plan to some degree as a result.

A number of documents are available below that you can currently look at:
  • The submitted versions of the ONP and its appendices (they are also on EDDC’s website as well).

  • Two documents listing the comments made by people in the Parish during the Section 14 Consultation in June-July 2019, and by statutory consultees and interested parties.  The response by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to each comment is included in these documents.  (You can also see comments submitted during the Section 16 Consultation on EDDC’s website)
  • Specific documents submitted by external consultees.
What happens next?
  • Formal inspection by an EDDC-appointed planning inspector, covering legal aspects, again with further editing of Draft Plan if required (Feb – Mar – under way)

  • Referendum in the Parish to accept or reject the Plan, organised by EDDC – acceptance requires a simple majority of those voting (Apr - May)
  • Ratification of the referendum by EDDC’s Cabinet (hopefully at the meeting on Wed 6 May)

  • The plan’s status changes to ‘made’ and it is incorporated as a legal part of the EDDC Development Planning framework.

Click on the links below to view the documents.

Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Submission version v1.2

Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Submission version v1.2

Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Submission version v1.0 - Appendices

Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Submission version v1.0 - Appendices

Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Examination – Procedural letter from Independent Assessor March 6th

Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Examination – Initial questions letter from Independent Assessor

Otterton NP Examiner Initial Questions letter March 12th

Comments from Parish consultation with ONPSG responses

ONP Consultation - Parish Sheet Responses 190922

Comments from Statutory consultees with ONPSG responses

ONP Consultation Responses - Statutory Consultees 190929

Clinton Devon Estates representation letter
CDE Neighbourhood Plan Representations Letter 16.07.12

Devon Countryside Access Forum
Neighbourhood Plans DCAF position statement

East Budleigh Parish Council
ONP Consultation Response - East Budleigh Parish Council

East Devon District Council (NP Team)
EDDC - Otterton NP Draft response - EDDC

EDDC - Otterton NP comments EDDC 2

Ladram Bay - Representations to Draft Otterton Neighbourhood Plan

Ladram Bay - Representations to Draft Otterton Neighbourhood Plan

National Grid

National Grid - Otterton NP REP 19.07.19

Natural England

Natural England - 287829 NE Response

Otterton Community Shop

OCS Consultation response 20190722

Sport England

Sport England response 20190620

Otterton Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group

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